Sunday, April 1, 2012

Νέα ταινία έρχεται ..

Team Texas is stopping at nothing

The theme of “stop at nothing” has carried through with the Texas team. Whether Andrew is performing the dance we learned before hitting the road (“I Can’t Stop”) at a high school or not being able to stop eating the famous cupcakes from one of our host homes in Baton Rouge. We have been enjoying our region and all the people in it. Look at the picture of the cupcakes and trust us when we say they are as delicious as they look…we literally couldn’t stop eating them. We happened to be in New Orleans during St. Patrick’s Day, Vicky was in awe of all the festivities. The parade was quite a show, we have never seen SO many beads in our lives. Sam caught a cabbage in the parade and Vicky cooked us a traditional Ugandan meal that night with it. Well we actually went out and bought a new cabbage because we weren’t sure how edible they were! Andrew’s determination to get cornrows finally paid off at a Paul Mitchell screening, he describes the process as one of the most painful experiences but well worth it. It’s safe to say the whole team got a makeover: Stesha can now be seen rocking dark hair and bangs and you may not recognize Thomas because he now has a fohawk! Needless to say, everyday has been an adventure and we are enjoying the ride.

What do you fight for?

These things we believe in...