Monday, April 16, 2012

Cover the Night

Justice for “some” is not justice for “all”

Invisible Children believes in the equality of all people around the globe and is in no way an anti-gay organization. We stand firmly against any form of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that has been proposed in Uganda, and commend the tremendous progress the Ugandan LGBTI community has made in showing the world that gay rights are indeed human rights. We are deeply saddened and troubled by recent attempts by some to associate Invisible Children with a pernicious anti-gay worldview. We believe that hate in any form is detrimental to our mission and that the liberty of all human beings is bound together.

Below is a personal statement by Chris Sarette, Invisible Children’s Vice President of Business Operations. Chris has been part of Invisible Children’s management team for five years now. 

Peaceful Surrender

One of the cornerstones of Invisible Children’s Protection Plan is encouraging the peaceful surrender of LRA combatants. Many of those still apart of the LRA are unwilling combatants who wish to escape but are paralyzed by fear. Reaching out directly to LRA forces, Invisible Children is working with partners to give members of the LRA encouragement to escape and to detail the most effective way to do so.