Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mend: Laker Lucy

Meet Laker Lucy- a natural leader, Mend seamstress and loving mother. Lucy spent 7 years in captivity before escaping.

Uganda captures LRA senior commander

A senior commander in the rebel Lord's Resistance Army has been captured by the Ugandan army, a spokesman has said.
Caesar Achellam was seized on Saturday following a struggle between Ugandan soldiers and a group of 30 rebels.
The commander, whom Ugandan officials say is a top rebel military strategist, was captured in the Central African Republic, one of several nations where the Ugandan-led LRA operates.
The most notorious wanted LRA leader is war crimes suspect Joseph Kony.
Following his arrest, Achellam told reporters: "The general of the division, Caesar Achellam, who has fought in the jungle since 1984, is from now on in the hands of the Ugandan Army."
"My coming out will have a big impact for the people still in the bush to come out and end this war soon," he said.

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